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October 18, 2022 


Everybody's getting tattoos!!

At least that's what it seems like these days. It's become “the norm,” the “cool thing to do,” the way to express yourself to your friends and to the whole world. And I guess, who are we to argue with that! 

There was a time when tattoos were regarded as “taboo” and only for the “rebels” and “hippies” who didn't want to conform to mainstream society. Well, NOT ANYMORE!

Tommy Says: “When I was a kid my dad would have killed me if I had gotten a tattoo!  None of my friends had one, at least not that I knew of. But my how times have changed. I'm sure that there are more people with tattoos than without. Now I don't personally have a tattoo myself, but most of the people I know sure DO. Will I be NEXT??...hmmm...MAYBE!!” 

So, why not a song about a girl with a brand-new tattoo; especially if it's a tattoo in a place that not everyone will be allowed to see. 

It's light-hearted, fun and we just want you to crack a Big ol' “smile” when you hear

“Jenny's New Tattoo”! 

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