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  • Tommy John Ehman

Physical CDs

Hi Everyone!

I know in this day and age in the music business it's all about digital music with mp3s, streaming, downloads and subscriptions and that's all new, works great and much of my music is available on those platforms.

But there are many of us who still appreciate a Brand New "Physical" CD in our hands. It's the smell, the feel, the artwork, the liner notes and photos that we still want to experience as we play the new music we just bought. I'm in that category and proud of it too! I have a nice collection of CDs that I play regularly in my computer and CD player. Let's say it's "Old School"!

Now my new CD, and my older ones too, are not for sale in any stores but I DO HAVE some brand new "Day Night" CDs that we have available if you want one. Besides coming to one of our live shows, the best way to get one is by sending an "Email Money Transfer" for $15.00 to "" (including your mailing address) and we'll ship you one out. And you can add it to your music collection of good old school CDs. And I know you'll love it too! (but of course I'm going to say that,right!)

As always, thank you for your continued support of my music!


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