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  • Tommy John Ehman

New Christmas Music!

Hey Gang...

Well what do you's December! My how the year has flown by. We've had so many great achievements and events in 2018 and we have one more to share with you.

I was VERY fortunate to be a part of a brand new Christmas album released by talented Sask songwriter Doug Sylvester, just in time for Christmas! The album is called "Sending Heart Shaped Snowflakes" and I sang a song called "Toy Drive." What's really cool about this album is that all songwriting royalties are going to a charity of each artist's choice. I chose the CNIB which is obviously very close to my heart. So when you listen or purchase the album you're helping out some great organizations.

The album is available on Spotify, itunes, Apple Music and other online music platforms. You can also purchase a physical copy by getting in touch with Doug Sylvester at

You can listen to "Toy Drive" and the rest of the album on spotify here:

It might be a little early but what the heck...MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!


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