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Hungry to capture your Heart with a classic cover

Saskatchewan singer-songwriter Tommy John Ehman has recorded a timeless new take on the Bruce Springsteen classic hit Hungry Heart – cause who doesn’t need more heart in these crazy distanced covid days…!? With a few of his own tweaks and variations, as well as his strong and heart-felt vocals, Tommy’s version of Hungry Heart will have you dancing around the kitchen or singing with your speakers at the top of your lungs. It’s a song to fall in love with all over again. “Hungry Heart has been one of my favourite Springsteen songs right from its original release in 1980, even before I knew it was The Boss singing it!” he says. Tommy is a songwriter through and through, and until now has only released his own original songs. This is his first cover release. So why this song? Why now? “It's such a classic, simple yet complex, happy but sad at the same time, thoughtful yet spontaneous, kind of song. I think we can all relate to that after 2020,” says Tommy. “Over the years, I’ve covered it so many times at clubs and gigs. It always gets the crowd going and having fun. And we could all use more of that these days.” The song was produced by Brad Prosko of Regina’s B-Rad Studios, but it isn’t their first collaboration. In 2008, Brad produced Tommy’s fourth studio album “Wheels of Life,” which featured the legendary bass guitarist Garry Tallent of Springsteen’s E-Street Band. Like a dream come true, Tommy travelled to record with Tallent at his home studio in Montana. Fast forward, and no one is travelling very far for full studio sessions, given pandemic restrictions, but that hasn’t stopped the collaborations. When Tommy decided to record Hungry Heart, he asked Brad to be part of the project. They brought in drummer Jayson Brinkworth & bassist Shane Hendrickson (Aaron Pritchett) and the keyboardist Mike Little (George Canyon), each recording their instruments at home (in Regina for Jayson, Shane in Vancouver, Mike in Calgary and Brad in Strasbourg). Just one face-to-face with Tommy in the studio to record the lead vocals, and the mix was complete. Hungry Heart is scheduled for a national release to Canadian country radio on March 2nd and all streaming services on March 11th, 2021. Get READY to sing along!!

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