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New Single - Fast Cadillac Pink Guitar!

Just about everyone would like a Cadillac, right? But who wouldn't LOVE a Fast Cadillac, especially one that comes with a sweet girl and a pink guitar!

That's the idea behind my new single Fast Cadillac Pink Guitar. Sometimes on a warm Summer Saturday night all you need is the company of a great girl or guy a fast car and a guitar. It's easy, it's fun and it's definitely a summertime thing. Heck, you might even fall in love while you're rockin' rollin' down the highway!.

This is really just supposed to be a fun song, one you can easily sing along to, dance if you want and just feel great while you're doing it. There's no hidden meaning, no heavy insightful messages, no sad story to pull on your heart strings. Just the anticipation of a good time, having fun and making the very best of just one singular Saturday night. If we do one thing with song we want to make you smile, I mean a BIG smile! Come on, hop in, and I'll take you for a ride.

"Fast Cadillac Pink Guitar" is spinning at your favorite country music radio stations right across Canada. Feel free to call or text in a request to hear it!

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