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TJE - New Single 2020

I'm Really Excited to tell you about this brand new single that we're about to release in March of 2020. The title "Maria Queen of San Antone" is the story of a beautiful girl in the old west that left her home at a young age because of the abuse of her father and finds her way to the saloons and bars of San Antonio, TX. And so the story/song begins.

A few years ago I started to write a series of songs about a fictional old west Outlaw/Cowboy/Gunslinger who traveled the plains and valleys of New Mexico, Texas, Nevada and California in search of a better life and a safe place to settle for himself and his horse. There are many characters, both good and bad that he encounters along the trail and "Maria McQueen" is one of them that left a mark on his heart and on his life. This is "Her" story.

It was actually my family that talked me into recording "Maria" and convinced me that it would be a great song, as could the whole series of songs about my Outlaw. Well I guess we'll find out. So far I'm Extremely happy with how it has turned out and I can't wait for you all to hear it. And maybe someday the rest of the stories and songs as well!

Tentative Canadian Radio Release Date - March 19, 2020


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