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TJE - New Single! Coming January 17, 2022

Yup, it's a new year and it's a GREAT time to release a brand new single!

It's titled "Bury Me Six Feet Under (When I Die)"

I'm super excited for everyone to hear this new song. I think you're going to LOVE it as much as I do! It's a song about an outlaw, a gunslinger from the old west. It's a story song, which are the kind of songs that I really love to write. The track was produced by Saskatchewan based producer and my friend Brad Prosko. We invited some talented musicians to play on the song including Jayson Brinkworth on drums, Brian Kelly on Bass guitar and Rob Ehman on harmony vocals among others.

This is a short promo vidoe we put together to introduce the song leading up to the official release. I think it gives some great insight and adds to the anticipation for the new song.

We would really appreciate you checking it out at the Youtube link below!!

The new song drops on Monday January 17, 2022 to Canadian country radio and as well to your favorite music streaming and download platforms.

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