New Single Release

Bury Me Six Feet Under (When I Die) 

TJE's brand new single Coming Monday January 17, 2022 to Canadian country radio and all your favorite music streaming platforms.


"I didn't ask for this life, but I guess I was just born into it. My old man had a gun and he knew how to use it. Got him into a lot of trouble and eventually it got him killed. 

I've seen a lot. I've seen too much. Seen a lot of men die in the street for no good reason. But I didn't have a choice.

I wish I could put these guns away and just ride off alone into the sunset. But no matter where I go, they always find me, they always find me and wanna be the one to put ME in the ground. 

I guess it's just a matter of time 'till some young gunslingers 'ill be that one to beat my hand. Sometimes I think I'm ready for it all to end. 

One of these days my friend. One of these days"