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“Mother's Day” is a very special occasion that we take the time to honor and celebrate our mother's and give them all the praise they deserve for taking care of us and giving us their love and unwavering support each and every day. It truly is a heart-warming day for mothers and their children.

But as the years go by and we grow up and grow older, sadly so do our moms. And as hard and difficult as it can be, we understand that no one can live forever, not even our amazing moms. In life our moms pray for us; for our good health; to be happy; to find love; to have a safe, long and fulfilling life. And when they pass on, we remember this and cherish each and every day we had with them, and we carry those memories with us for the rest of our lives. Our mama’s work is done; we're ready to carry on and she “Doesn't Have to Pray Anymore.”

Tommy says...

“It was around the time of Rob's (Ehman) birthday about a year ago; he was really missing his mom who had passed away a few years earlier. He was telling me how she used to sit at the kitchen table in the early evening with a cup of tea, reflecting on the day and saying a prayer or two to end the day. He said that now that she had passed away, she “Doesn't have to Pray Anymore” and that her work here on earth was done, which we both thought was a great idea for a song. As it has turned out, we were right!”

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