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There isn't a deep meaning or any attempt to try to change the world with this song. It's really quite simple in fact; "guy is away from home, misses his wife/girlfriend, and the song takes place as he is driving through the night to get home to see her." Simple right! 


But the story is in the imagery as he drives, his thoughts and feelings about missing her and of course, the music he is listening to as he drives...Bob Dylan. 


"I've written a lot of road songs, driving songs, missing home songs and missing friends & family songs. Why? Because I've spent many years travelling the highways of western Canada taking my music to wherever someone wants to hear it. I think writing 'Road Songs' has been a sort of therapy that I use to make sense of all the late night drives, the miles and being away from home."  


The highway can be a lonely place, especially on a long, late-night journey home. But with some great music and sweet peaceful thoughts about getting home, it can help make the trip just a little easier on the heart and mind.

Watch the new video >>>>>

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